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Iya Tahirah

Providing safe spaces for metaphysical and wisdom learning


I am Iya Tahirah and I am an Elder, teacher, and healer. I am in the service of the weaver, helping us to remember what it is that we have forgotten, to help us shift consciousness by way of reprogramming and healing our emotional trauma. My intention is to providing teachings and guidance that will move us through the sacred darkness of our humanity. We do this by focusing on practices and direct experiences that help us to listen more deeply to the body and to recalibrate our soul memory. If what we seek on the journey to healing is done so without judgement or an agenda to arrive at a set destination, we will meet ourselves with "success unexpected in  common hours". What comes to mind here is a quote given to me from a great teacher and I trust it will also support us here: "Each soul harbors a sense of divine meaning within and expect a call that awakens it to a life aligned with its inner sense of purpose." So, perhaps we have come together to begin to chart a course of remembrance. 

I invite you to dive deep into soul remembrance. My intention is to guide you in the direction of charting you own purpose. Together, we will create a foundation and inner container of wisdom that will open the door to emotional and spiritual wholeness.


Beautiful Nature


Guided twelve week vision quest program is for the seeker looking to dive deep into personal transformation. 



Individual sessions to assist in deeper understanding of the sacredness of human experience. 

Contact  Me​

(340) 277-5647

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